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Living Room
The Living Room

The Living Room contains many interesting elements:

The cornices and sampler were cross-stitched by me.

The Queen Anne table was tole painted by Pop's sister-in-law.

The plant on the table in the foreground is made of an earring in a pot.

The crystal bowl on the table is a salt cellar.

The sofa was re-upholstered by hand (harder to do than it looks).

The parquet floors were hand made by my husband.  He cut veneer into one inch squares and used a pen to draw boards on each one.  He then alternated them, gluing them to railroad board.  They are finished with spray polyurethane.

The dishes, silverware, and glasses are all plastic, purchased at a miniature shop.

The roses in a glass vase were purchased at a miniatures shop.

The rose picture is cut out from a Current greeting card and placed in a purchased gold frame.

The candle snuffer was found by my grandmother.

The wainscoating was hand-made by my husband.

You'll also see a brass carafe and cups, cake and cookies, key lime pie, bowl of dried fruit, bells, and pillows.

The furniture you see:
Chippendale Dining Table - c. 1760
Chippendale Cabriole Leg Armchair - c. 1760
Chippendale Side Chair - c. 1760
Hepplewhite Hexagonal Candlestand - c. 1790
Chippendale Chest - c. 1760
Table & Buffet Shelf - unknown
Hutch - unknown
Sofa - unknown
Chippendale Slat Front Desk - c. 1750
Chippendale Closed Cabinet Top - c. 1700's
Queen Anne Tilt Top Table - c. 1725-50
Chippendale Wing Chair - c. 1750-90

The photo that hangs at the head of the table is a school picture of my grandfather when he was eight years old.
My grandmother discovered that this earring made a very convincing plant.
This sampler I cross-stitched with Pop's family name.
These photos are lit entirely by the house lights.