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The Study
The Study Includes:

The picture in the gilded frame is purchased.

The picture in the wooden frame is detail from a Signac painting from the French Impressionist period which I framed.

The leather furniture was fabric which had gotten faded and dusty.  I painted over it with terra cotta paint, but the paint kept soaking into the fabric and the print bled through.  To prevent this from happening again I sprayed it with polyurethane.  I liked the look of it so much I repainted once more and sprayed polyurethane again for a finish. It looks just like leather.

The cup in the corner cabinet was something my grandmother brought back from Portugal, a gift from the hotel where she stayed.

The rug is a finished piece of fabric my grandmother liked.

The venetian blinds were purchased and then painted white.

The wallpaper is red text paper.

The furniture:
Chippendale Slat Front Desk - c. 1750
Chippendale Hanging Shelf - c. 1760
Chippendale Wing Chair - c. 1750-90
Corner Cupboard - c. 1730-50
Sofa - unknown
Hepplewhite Serpentine Table - c. 1780-1800
Jefferson Bookcase - unknown
Chair - unknown
This photo gives a little better look into the right corner.
Here is a  better look at the leather-like furniture.