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The Master Bedroom
The Master Bedroom Includes:

The floor on the second floor is made of oak veneer with the boards hand drawn.  It is coated with spray polyurethane.

The wallpaper is from the Xacto collection.

The curtains are made from batiste purchased by my grandmother on the occasion of the birth of her firstborn, fifty-five years ago.  They were sewn by my mother-in-law.

All of the doilies are laser cut paper.

The violet I purchased, and the yellow flower was a gift we received at our open house or our "house warming" as it was called.

The bedclothes and canopy were sewn by my grandmother.

The room has the requisite water pitcher and "thunder bucket."

There is a silver hairbrush, mirror, comb, and Bible on the low boy.

The furniture you see:
Chippendale Day Bed - c. 1750
Chippendale Low Boy - c. 1760
Dry Sink - c. 1750-90
Chippendale Canopy Bed - c. 1750-90
Dower Chest - c. 1790
Hooded Cradle - c. 1750
Chippendale Chest-on-Chest - c. 1750-90
Chippendale Broken Bonnet Highboy - c. 1750
Master Bdrm
This second set of photos shows truer color and a better look at the broken bonnet highboy.